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Preliminary Setup: Inflator/deflators, extension cords and AirGuards are located in totes which are housed in the Support Trailer. Remove the totes and position near the inflation area.
STEP 1 - Unload and Pre-Position

Place the tent on a cart, roll the cart to your desired location and remove the tent from the cart. (You may need assistance during this step). Make sure the buckles on the cover are facing up.
STEP 2 - Unpack and Roll Out

Untie the straps on the tent cover and unroll the tent. Position the tent so that the tent is straight and not curved. Begin unfolding the tent. Be careful not to walk or step on any part of the tent while it is not inflated.
STEP 3 - Air Control

Locate and open the “Air Control” flap. Remove the twist cap on the inflation port, exposing the valve by pushing the center of the valve in and rotate counter clockwise a quarter turn. The valve will remain in the open position at this point.
STEP 4 - Begin Inflation

Extend the hose of the inflator/deflator (looks similar to a canister vacuum cleaner) so that it is straight. Insert the nozzle of the inflator/deflator into the valve opening, hold it in place and begin inflation. ONLY SWITCH ON ONE MOTOR. If both motors are activated the Inflator/Deflator may overheat.
STEP 5 - Assist

Once the tent reaches 75% inflation, it may be necessary to have an assistant or assistants enter the tent and guide the tubes to their correct position. USE CAUTION WHEN INSIDE THE TENT DURING INFLATION, THERE ARE INTERIOR ROPES AND TUBES THAT MAY BE TRIPPING HAZARDS.

Inflation should continue until air escapes from the Pressure Relief Valve (PRV) or when all tubes are in position and firm. Discontinue inflation, PRESS IN AND ROTATE THE INFLATION VALVE CLOCKWISE UNTIL THE VALVE ”SEATS” AND IS SEALED. Put the twist cap back on the inflation port
STEP 7 - AirGuard

Located above the black pressure relief valve and the main inflation valve is the AUXILLIARY INFLATION VALVE (AIV). When all tubes are in position and inflexible, attach the AirGuard by sliding back the outer housing on the AIV and inserting the fitting on the end of the AirGuard’s hose.
The Air Guard will maintain a constant pressure of 4 PSI. This will allow the tent to be structurally sound in any atmospheric condition. Plug in the AirGuard once the electrical systems are in place.
STEP 8 - Stake Down

NOTE: The Stake down Kit which comes with each tent should only be used in the event the system is being setup in an area that can have stakes driven into the ground. Otherwise, secure the tents using sand bags, cinder blocks, cars, etc. in place of the stakes

Remove the hammer and the stakes from the Setup and Repair Kit. Locate the guide ropes on each corner of the tent and pull them taut before staking. Hammer the stakes 2/3 into the ground at a 45º angle.
If you have any difficulty during set-up, making repairs or need any other assistance, please call 888-236-1267 for support. An agent can assist you and provide answers to your questions.