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Attention!: Punctures to the air structure can be repaired with duct tape until a more permanent patch can be affixed. EVERY EMS INNOVATIONS TENT COMES WITH ITS OWN REPAIR KIT (located in a bag with the stake-down kit). Additional items needed for repairs include duct tape, scissors or box cutter, 120 grit sand paper, pliers or adjustable wrench.
Repair 1 - Find the Damage
Locate the damaged area(s) to be repaired. Determine whether repairs can be made while the tent is inflated. In the picture below the damage was to the floor of the tent so the tent could be repaired while inflated.
Repair 2 - Make a Patch
Using scissors, a knife, or Multi-tool cut 2 patches out of the provided material which is a bit larger than the hole(s) to be patched (for flooring).
Repair 3 - Patching
Insert one patch into the largest hole and flatten out, this will aid in collecting any glue which may go through the hole(s). Use the sandpaper to rough the surfaces around the hole (This aids in adhering the patch to this area). Clean off any excess debris from around the patch area.
Repair 4 - Glue
Use the brush to spread a thin coating of glue onto the entire uncoated (not shiny) side of the patch and around the patch area. Glue should be applied as close to the edge of the patch as possible.

NOTE: Krazy glue® (supplied by user) can be used to glue the patch as well. Be careful to not lay a brush loaded with glue on other surfaces of the tent.
Repair 5 - Seal the Patch
Press the patch down and hold in place for 3-5 minutes to ensure a tight seal, paying special attention to the edges of the patch.

NOTE: More complicated patches (replacing inflation valves, patching tubes, patching areas larger than the included swatch, etc.) should be left up to an EMS Innovations trained employee.
If the tent is being used to house patients, use duct tape to cover the area temporarily and stop further damage. This also applies to the air structure. More permanent repairs can be made after a critical deployment.
If you have any difficulty during set-up, making repairs or need any other assistance, please call 888-236-1267 for support. An agent can assist you and provide answers to your questions.